Below Are links and Information on the US National team, other Supporters, resources for the left in football worldwide and the places where you can get involved in leftist struggle in the United States. We welcome any additions you can offer.

U.S. National Squad
The best place to start for news and information is the Sam's Army Website, home of the first and largest supporters club of the National Team, and is perhaps the only place you need to go to find the history of the various national teams (Men's, Women's, Under-23's, Under 20's, Under 17's)

This Fan's Site dedicated to the Women's National Side may have ugly layout, but has collected everything imaginable about the finest womens sports team of all time.

The American Perspective follows all aspects of soccer in the US, but especially international competition.

An Iranian-American website hosts this essay on the 98 world cup US V Iran match, entitiled Football, Philosophy and Joy.

Here's an extensive statistical history of the World Cup 1930-98, hosted in Norway.

For more news, history and updates, take a look at the extensive FIFA website. All the news they want you to know.

Progessive Links

Jay's Leftist and Progressive Links is a great general starting point for everythin left in the US and beyond.
Center for Community Change Home Page - CCC helps poor people develop their own strong organizations to improve their communities and change policies and institutions that affect their lives.

Democracy Now! - Goes beyond the rhetoric and party politics offered by the mainstream media. Instead, it highlights grassroots efforts to enhance and ignite democracy in the U.S. From Pacifica Radio. You can read, or listen in RealAudio.
National Organizers Alliance - NOA is a wildly diverse, beloved community of progressive organizers to challenge, nurutre and sustain us in our struggle for social, economic and environmental justice.

Peace Brigades International, North America Project - Provides upon request international human rights observers for Native American communities in Canada and the United States. Special online reports are available at this site.

Re'ut-Sadaka - - Jewish-Arab Youth Organization for Peace and Democracy

Electronic Policy Network - Offers timely information and leading ideas about progressive national public policy and politics.

Left Wing Web Site - A fun and irreverent web site with a left wing liberal slant.

Left-Wing Films - A list of movies useful for demonstrative or informational purposes.

Human Rights Watch - Organization dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world. We stand with victims and activists to bring offenders to justice, to prevent discrimination, to uphold political freedom and to protect people from inhumane conduct in wartime. We investigate and expose human rights violations and hold abusers accountable.

Feminist Majority Foundation - Information and news on events and feminist causes.

Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
The Noam Chomsky Archive - Noam Chomsky is one of America's most prominent political dissidents. A renowned professor of linguistics at MIT, he has authored over 30 political books dissecting such issues as U.S. interventionism in the developing world, the political economy of human rights and the propaganda role of corporate media.
Campaign for Labor Rights - Campaign for Labor Rights is a labor organization which specializes in the struggles of workers in sweatshops. We also provide labor updates on Nike, Disney, Guess, Child Labor (including the Rugmark and FoulBall campaign), Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, United States (esp. Farm Workers and Poultry Processing Workers), Youth and Campus Activism, various Policy Issues and more.
Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement - A searchable online archive of full-text documents about the feminist movement. Excellent site for historians of the movement. - is aimed at helping women network, and educating and empowering women (and men) on issues that affect their lives.

The 3rd WWWave - Feminism was never monolithic, and it never will be. This is not the second wave warmed over. We are building on what they accomplished and taking it in new directions appropriate for the 21st century.

Progressive Football Supporters from Around the World

Here we give you links and information about fan initiatives against big business power in our game, and against racism and bigotry in our stadiums. All these groups provide inspiration and often good models for how all supporters, political or not, can make their voices heard and their concerns felt in the way our game is run. Its not some intellectuals bookish ideology to say that football stadiums are our communities.
We deserve a say in how our clubs are run just as we deserve to be treated with respect by our fellow supporters. We've got the power...
Here's  the mainstreamKick Racism Out  of Football Campaign, attempting to browbeat bigotry out of England. No  doubt about good intentions, 
and some good results.

Take  a look as English stars speak out against racism.
Check out the many football related articles from Anti-Fascist Action, including Leveling the Score, from their great magazine, _Fighting_Talk_.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.Send off for a copy to:FightingTalk, BM 1734, London, WC1N 3XX, UK (10 british pounds for four issues)

Midlands AFA From england recount a few war stories that end with a lot fewer fascists than they started with.

The Cooalition Against Racism and Fascism has put togther a football special of sorts. The CARF Features - Soccer's hidden racism , goes through that same sorry history which most of us know only too well.

The Antifaf : l'annuaire antifasciste francophone website updates us on that same story, from a francophone perspective.

So you can't make monkey noises at football anymore, but those gay jokes are still okay? Wrong. The irrational hatred of people because you don't like who they sleep with was paired with sport in the tragic story of Justin Fashanu. An english football player of the early nineties, he wasthe first professional to come out as homosexual. From all he said, the terrace bigots would be surprised to discover how many of their heros were gay, but just too scared to tell the world. Justin's career took a nose-dive when his sexuality was revealed, and he took his own life in despair: killed by hatred. In his wake, the closet door to the training room looked closed for good. But a brave few have founded groups to pry that closet open for players and fans alike. So check out the Gay Football Supporters Network and the International Gay & Lesbian Football Association . Before you make that joke, remember that no one is free while any remain oppressed. The gay and lesbian rights movements have stood side by side with the rest of the left when we've struggled against capitalism and fascism, We owe them our support as surely as we owe them simple human dignity.

Oh I am happy. I've always been a big fan of the english punk band, Chumbawumba. They make catchy tunes, hate capitalists, and throw pies at sellout labour party ministers. And they despise fascists. Now they've gone one better, and put together a Football section on their home page. There's talk of their favorite club, Sunderland, the youth team they sponsor, antifa organizing on the terraces, and the trip they sent their youth club on to play a friendly with the Zapatista rebels in mexico. Really: not to be missed.

One of the best groups going is the Football Supporters Association, an England based group fighting for the ever-diminishing rights of the regular supporter.
And as if creeping capitalists weren't enough, The Criminal Justice Act makes just about anything you'd want to do around a British football ground illegal, all under the guise of combating violence. The fact is, the government has become the strong arm in making football palitable for the middle classes. The Football Fans Against the Criminal Justice Act Campaign is spreading the word and fighting back.
The great english pop culture zine Urban 75 has a article on the Campaign and its leaders.

The German Bundis Aktiver Fussball-Fans is a coalition of supporters fighting for fan rights much like the FSA. Its making great strides in the united league of the united, and often troubled, german state. BAFF - BÜNDNIS AKTIVER FUSSBALLFANS is the link for their new official website. Really a must see, even if you don't sprechen zie deutch.

The Our Game Home Page is another FSA type page, with links to independent supporters clubs throughout britan and europe, striving to make the game safe from capitalist exploitation.

This Article on football ground automated ID cards asks the eternal question: Have you ever seen a six foot skinhead with a brick attack an ATM? Better not to answer that one... .

Militant Labor is spot on (for once), with their pamphletReclaim the Game

One of the strongest supporters groups in Germany is at Shalke04. The Shalke Unser Fan-Magazin is their Web-zine.

Liecester University¹s famed Centre for Football Research, while often biased to a criminalogical and traditional approach, produces some of the best writing on modern football culture. Their Factsheet on Racism and Football is just one of their web-publications.
Keeping with the egghead theme, here¹s a short glean of a much larger book:On the Terraces and in the Stands: Football Spectator Behavior in Europe and the 1994 World Cup Finals.

Lecturas: Educación Fķsica y Deportes, revista digital , is an argentine site, that focuses on writing on the politics of football. Especially good is their story of how successive governments and dictatorships in latin america have used soccer to legitimize their rule. New things added all the time, in three different languages.

Gender Equity in Sports - From the University of Iowa, this is an excellent resource on Title IX. Includes an index to Updates & Lawsuits by Category as well as an overview of the law itself. Links to useful statistics and downloadable documents.

American Socialists, Anarchists and other Leftist Organizations

Anarchist Groups Of New York - An online guide to anarchist groups in the New York area.
Burn! - Anarchist ISP located in southern California.
Unamerican Activities - "anarchism's ad agency" - a collective in San Francisco that's attempting wholesale sedition through minimedia (stickers, t-shirts etc.) and the Web.
Liberty for the People - Readings on the history of libertarianism. Links to libertarian/anarchist groups around the world.
TAO - The Anarchy Organization - A hub of anarchist activity revolving around alternative media work.
A People's Libertarian Index - A top-level web page for left-libertarian and libertarian socialist (anarchist) theory, philosophy, and historical texts. Also links to organizations of a libertarian nature.
Blackout Books (New York City) - A wonderful anarchist bookstore located in the Lower East Side of NYC.
Arm The Spirit - For Revolutionary Resistance! - Autonomist/Anti-Imperialist Resource Page
Socialist Party USA - Strives to establish a radical democracy that places people's lives under their own control -- a non-racist, classless, feminist, socialist society in which people cooperate at work, at home, and in the community.
Democratic Socialists of America - The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International (also in Francais and Espanol). DSA's members are building progressive movements for social change while establishing an openly socialist presence in American communities and politics.
Peace and Freedom Party - The prominent electoral democratic socialist party in the state of California.
Social Democrats, USA - SD-USA is a organization branched off of the SP-USA. SD, USA claims to be the successor to the Socialist Party, USA, the party of Eugene Debs, Norman Thomas and Bayard Rustin and is a member of the Socialist International.
World Socialist Web Site - The World Socialist Web Site features daily news and analysis written from a socialist perspective, and commentary on the arts, culture, history, and politics. It is published by the International Committee of the Fourth International. - A site dedicated to providing information about the democratic socialist movement on the internet. Here you can find your way to the people, thoughts, and events that make up a part of the quest for economic democracy and social justice.
SP/YPSL Labor Commission - Links and information on labor unions, movements, media and activism in America.
Green Parties of North America - Based upon Ten Key Values: Social Justice, Community-Based Economics, Nonviolence, Decentralisation, Future Focus
Young Communist League USA
Communist Workshop - contains images, manuscripts, essays and pamphlets from communist thinkers.
People's Weekly World - Newspaper of the Communist Party U.S.A.

Finally, might I suggest getting lefty news from the fine A-Infos: Anarchist News Service .

European Football Fans Anti-Racism Inititives

From the more establishment voices come Youth Against Racism¹s Show Racism The Red Card and The European Union¹s European Year Against Racism. Doubt 1997 made up for the last few thousand. Its up to us, not some committee, to make sure the bigots aren¹t just red carded but stretchered off to hospital.

European Youth Magazine: Football Against Racism.European Fan-Network against Racism started in Vienna on February 12th, 1999 Vienna Action Plan(edited and revised version, 23-2-99)


Manchester United Anti-Racism Campgain.


| fulham | anti-racism Fulham's Mission Statement "Black White Help Fulham Unite" Working Party on behalf of Fulham FC seeks to tackle racism and discrimination in all forms within Fulham FC and the surrounding community. We will endeavour to foster links across communities in the Fulham FC Anti-Racism Campgain.


Racism in British Football. Football racism - history The shameful history of soccer racism Racism has dogged British football for years with some of the top players being targeted for abuse. Some of the worst examples have included Mark Walters slamming of Leeds fans in 1985 for hurling racial abuse at him


Racism A Walsall FC. Racism At Walsall F.C. During the seventies racism started to appear at many football grounds. This coincided with the growth of the national front and with the appearance of more black players.


Leeds United Against Racism. Why Racism is Wrong/ Things you can do /Contacting the club/ Why bother with all this?/ What Leeds fans think of recent racism/ Kick It: CRE/ keeping racism out of football/ Link your page to this page/ LATEST: "Let's demonstrate our pride in our multi-racial team


Youth Against Racism in Europe: Show Racism the Red Card The anti racist football MagazineA new, 24-page, full colour anti-racist magazine which aims to explain racism and how to overcome it. It contains interviews with Les Ferdinand, Viv Anderson and Shaka HislopShow Racism the Red Card.


Lets Kick Racism out of Millwall: RACISM WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED @ MILLWALL FOOTBALL CLUB Racism in football is arguably as widespread today as it was in the 70's and 80's, but many clubs are beginning to take steps forward to combat this problem.


Kick Racism Out of the Stadium: (Wykopmy Rasizm ze Stadionów) is a Polish anti-fascist campagin, aimed at taking back their football from nazis. In Polish, of course.


Anti-Nazi Group-- Grupa Anty-Nazistowska - Wykopmy rasizm ze stadionów's sister organization. The discription says:"Kampania „Wykopmy rasizm ze stadionów" ma za zadanie oczyszczenie stadionów pi³karskich z faszystowskiej symboliki, upowszechnienie w¶ród kibiców nie szowinistycznych postaw i uodpornienie ich na werbunkow± dzia³alno¶ę prowadzon." Well, that's all cleared up then...


ANTI-LNF: Le site des Ultras en lutte: is a site commited to uniting french supporters to resist new laws which ban flares, give the police greater powers, and to resist the growing power of big business in the people's game. Take a look.